Kask Mojito X Review And Buying Guide

The Kask Mojito X, the most recent version of their well-respected Mojito Helmet, is now available. The helmet has been updated, and initial impressions show that it is a helmet that punches above its weight or price. We gather the depth information on the Kask mojito x review to easily buy near the marketplace. It is well made, has a great fit, and is stylish.

Kask Mojito X Review – Updated & Top Rated

You can still get a tailing version too.

  • Pros: Comfortable, lightweight, and with a comfortable chin strap
  • Cons: MIPS technology is now available in cheaper helmets

Although I believe the Mojito X has undergone some changes, I could not see the details when I compared the photos of the 2016 Mojito. The X version is not mentioned on Kask’s website. 

Kask Mojito X ReviewEvans Cycles says: “The new Mojito X features: A two-part external polycarbonate shell (one bottom and one top), while the XL size remains in three parts. New graphic design, where logos are not stuck to decals but printed on the pad. “

As far as I can explain, these are superficial diversity; but hey, the Mojito was a great headgear, and if it is not ruined, why fix it?

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Things like the lizard chin leash and the point that the polycarbonate shell housing doesn’t just enhance the helmet’s above (you’ll see it running around the rim, too) give the Mojito X a much more expensive look than its PS119 price tag would have you expect.

The chin strap is extremely comfortable, especially when riding hot, and things can get sweaty. No matter how my shaving regimen was, I have never experienced any irritation to the skin under my chin.

Its thick padding provides plenty of comforts. The Kask also has its Up & Down fit system at the rear. This allows you to adjust the rear cradle height to your head shape. 

The retention is very uniform around the head, provided it fits your body.

The Kask has plenty of ventilation. The 26 vents mean that the airflow isn’t as direct as aero helmets. However, you can feel the breeze pushing through your back. 

The Mojito X was noticeably cold during testing in January and February. This is a good sign for the coming spring and summer.

If you like to color-code your kit, then you’ll be happy to know that the Mojito X comes in a plentiful array of colors, 14 to be specific, although at the most petite half of those do hold quite a bit of black in there.

There are decent sizes, too, with four benefits from S to XL, which provides a spread of 48cm to 64cm. You can check the Kask mojito x to buy from online.

The Mojito X is still a good value for money. However, many cheaper models with more technology, such as MIPS (link is external). 

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Although MIPS is not something that I would consider influencing my decision to wear a helmet, it has been a factor in my decision. 

It is lighter than the Sweet Protection Outrider helmet, which costs PS99.99. It is also lighter than the Endura Pro SL helmet that costs PS149.99. We added all things on the Kask mojito x review with the complete guide. Check the Kask mojito x price near the marketplace.

Overall, the Mojito X might be based on quite an excellent picture, but it’s still exceeding many other helmets on the business, renewed by those minor parts.

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Why Will I buy Mojito?

Comfort, fit, and adjustability

The Kask Mojito X is fitted with Kask’s Up & Down fitting system. This is the same as the one on the original & does not have the exact fit and finishes as the more expensive models.

Kask Protone The Octo Fit retention system and the Up-and-Down fit system can be found on the Mojito X Allows for adequate adjustment of most head shapes.

Vertical adjustment is possible with the Up & Down fit system. 

The wings of the cradle are adjusted to your occipital bones. A dial controls the circumferential adjustment that ends at the temples. Although it is not as sophisticated as Kask’s Octo Fit or Giro’s Roc Loc, the cradle is still more sturdy than others and can be used to cradle your head to keep the helmet in place. 

It is also more ergonomically designed than those found on road helmets. This makes it easier to adjust winter gloves.

The Kask’s eco-leather chin strap with thick padding and the plush internal padding provide creature comforts. Mojito is a nice touch to helmets that fall somewhere in the middle of premium and mid-tier pricing.

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The only 220g weight of the product is lovely. Kask Mojito X Ultralight gear is what cyclists want. It does require some compromises to be so light, like the absence of an anti-rotational protection solution. However, it is still a comfortable helmet with a moderate adjustment that will fit most riders.


The Kask Mojito X Road bike helmets have 26 vents. These vents may not be as efficient at sucking air through like the ones on the POC Ventral Spin, Or Giro Aether They is easy to find and keep your head cool. 

You can also expose more of your head, which allows for cooling at slower speeds in areas where you are the hottest. If ventilation is essential, the Kask Protone would be our choice.

Safety Tech and Other Features

The same was true for the ask Protone The glaring weakness of the Kask Mojito X lacks of MIPS or similar technology. Although many cyclists may not be as concerned about safety as we are, we almost always choose to use an additional protection.

The plus side is that the Kask Mojito X Kask’s molding technology is featured in this product, along with MIT. MIT is the fact that a shell of polycarbonate wraps around the entire exterior surface of the vehicle Mojito X protects the EPS foam against cracking in a significant hit.


The Kask Mojito X This helmet was not intended to be aero. This is not something you should be consuming unless you are racing or doing time trials. However, we noticed that other companies offer better aerodynamics at this price.

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