Best Mountain Bike For 12 Year Old Boy – Top Picks For You

Twelve-year-old boys will love mountain bikes. They’ll love their new toy, and it’s an excellent way for them to stay active. It can be challenging to decide if a mountain bike is right for your child. It can be challenging to determine what bike style and brand to purchase. We gather the depth information on the Best mountain bike for 12 year old boy to easily buy near the marketplace.

Best Mountain Bike For 12 Year Old Boy – Review And Buying Guide

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1. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike


If you are attending for something affordable, the Huffy Hardtail might be a good choice. It’s also cheap and comes in two sizes that are suitable for children. This means it will be more accessible for everyone. It is easy to ride, and you won’t feel too bad if it gets beaten up.

Keep in mind, however, that you do get what you pay for. Although Huffy bikes are good, the build quality will not be as high as other bikes and may not last as well. Although durability is not a significant concern if you buy a bike to last a few years, it is something to consider.


  • 24-inch wheels
  • 14-inch wreath
  • Steel enclosure
  • 21-speed drivetrain
  • Kickstand admitted
  • Hardtail- no suspension
  • It also comes in a smaller, 20-inch wheel, 13-inch frame size
  • The 6-speed drivetrain on the smaller size

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2. Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike


The Schwinn High Timber bike is an excellent choice for a budget-friendly motorcycle that doesn’t compromise quality and performance. The Schwinn High Timber still offers all the essential features, but it has a lot more cost savings than an aluminum frame. It will increase the weight slightly, but steel makes it a very light bike.

Schwinn’s mountain bikes are often criticized for their poor quality. However, this is usually in comparison to the much more expensive bikes available at bike shops. The Schwinn is a considerable upgrade to the cheaper bikes in big box stores.


  • Steel block
  • 24-inch wheels
  • Twist shifters
  • Back derailleur
  • Quick-release place post
  • All-terrain tires
  • 21-speed drivetrain
  • Inflexible suspension

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3. Schwinn Mountain-Bicycles High Timber


If your 12-year-old is starting to mountain bike, this is the perfect bike. For someone just beginning mountain biking, the Rev 24 can be used as a trail bike. It is easy to use and ride and can handle any terrain.

Although understandably, the price tag might give you some pause, you do get what you pay. This bike is better than any you can find at big box stores. It is lighter, stronger, and better built. 

It has a small frame, making it challenging to attach water bottles. The article will help you choose the best mountain bike for 12 year old boy as a beginner.


  • Aluminum frame, freestyle, aluminum frame, BMX, OFF-ROAD
  • 20.32 cm x 53.34 cm x 121.92 cm dimension of package
  • 16.64 Kg weight
  • 20-inch wheels
  • Made in China
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes

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What To Remember When Choosing A Mountain Bike For A 12-year-old Boy

Best Mountain Bike For 12 Year Old BoyAs with anything else, there are several points you should always be watching for when shopping for mountain bikes, and they’re not all particular to children’s bikes. You may not need much assistance if you are a mountain biker. 

However, if you don’t have much experience with mountain biking, this is what you should know.

Repress To See What’s Added With The Bike

Although it may seem counterintuitive, more expensive bikes don’t always come with all the parts. Kickstands and pedals are mainly treated as aftermarket items because most people who invest in great bikes want to personalize them as much as they can. 

While it’s a great touch, it can be a surprise for some.

Before you locate your order, obtain sure to check if the kickstand and pedals are included. You’ll need them separately if they are not.

Don’t Let The Price Tag Scare You

It can be tempting to purchase cheap bikes for your children. You’ll soon outgrow them, and they will likely take a beating. So, many people feel the need to acquire more affordable bikes that can be easily replaced. 

Do not succumb to this temptation. You should have the best mountain bike for 12 year old boy to skim our article.

Mountain bikes are made to withstand a lot of abuse and still keep going. These bikes are more durable than the cheaper ones. The quality of the build is better, and the materials are more durable. 

You’ll probably find that if you buy more competitive bikes, you’ll conclude up wasting more money on repairs or replacements than you would have if you just purchased the more expensive bike in the first section.

Don’t Forget Other Equipment

Your 12-year-old boy must have a helmet, gloves, reflective clothing, and reflectors to ride a mountain bike safely. You shouldn’t budget just for the bike and neglect all the other essential equipment.

Instead, you should plan to buy all of it. You should save enough money for your child’s bike and all the accessories they will need. While you will spend more, your child will be more secure riding the bike.

Size Of Bike

The most significant point when choosing a bike to ride is the size. No matter how great the suspension, a too big or small bike will be uncomfortable to ride. It can even cause serious injuries.

This is because your spine can be strained if your joints are forced into awkward positions, and your posture suffers. 

By contrast, a properly sized bike will strengthen the back muscles and keep the joints healthy.

Size Of Wheel

Mountain bike rollers appear in a diversity of sizes, including 29-inch and 27.5-inch. Larger tires can give you more speed and are better able to handle uneven terrain. 

The smaller wheels are more durable and more responsive, which makes the bike more agile.

The wheels should be smaller for a 12-year-old. For children this age, 24 inches is the standard size and is considered the best. A giant 26-inch wheel will be more beneficial for taller children.

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Try The Bike Out In The Store

It is essential to test your bike in the shop before buying it. While it is vital to get the right size, it’s more than that. You have one chance to try the handlebars, grips, and seat on your child.

You may be able to let your child test the bike in a store. This is great because you are likely to spend hundreds of dollars on the bike, so it is worth getting to ride it. 

If you are buying the bike as a gift, it is possible to make adjustments later.

Even if it’s not possible to take your child to the shop, let them test out different bikes and then surprise them with the one they love. You will be happy you did.


Q: Does a kid’s mountain bike need gears?

A: Gears make it easy to pedal uphill and easier to ride long distances. It is a good idea to start shifting quickly and learn how to ride with the range of mountain bike gears. We added all things on the Best mountain bike for 12 year old boy with the complete guide.

Most kids have no trouble learning how to shift, and many of the shifters on child mountain bikes are designed so that the rider doesn’t have to reach for the bars.

Q: Mountain bike or Road bike for the older kid? Does it matter?

A: To be fair, the choice of style for younger cyclists is limited. There are many kid’s bikes from 12-inch to 24-inch sizes. They almost resemble the mountain bike or the everyday style with their wide tires and horizontal handlebars.

At 24-inch wheelbase, the first fundamental difference between bikes styles begins to emerge. Here you’ll see the possibility to purchase slick, tired bikes with racing bike drop handlebars. 

It grows feathers to your child’s preference.

This is a personal choice, and I don’t think that I can offer much advice. If the child you’re buying for isn’t a fan of the mountain bike style, I recommend it. 

You can still get a functional children’s bike that does the job.

If they only ride on roads and don’t go off-road, maybe a road bike is for them. No matter what, ensure they test them first.

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