Is It Safe to Ride a Bicycle While Pregnant With Doctor Review

You can ride a bicycle during pregnancy, especially in the first and second trimesters. It is a great way to exercise. It is not recommended to ride a bike during the third trimester when your center of pressure changes, and you are more likely to fall and injure the baby.

Answered By DR. Anthony & DR. Jessica

Are you able to ride a bike while pregnant?

Are you able to ride a bike while pregnant?

Verve231/Getty Images You may wonder if you can ride your bike while pregnant. We have good news for you, whether you’re concerned about the intensity of your exercise, how pedaling will bring your knees up towards your baby bump, or the possibility of your bike falling off the road.

Leah Keller, a certified retired officer and co-founder of Every Mother, says that biking is an enjoyable, safe exercise throughout pregnancy. 

If you favor riding a bike, there is no need to change your commute or alter your exercise routine. It is safe to ride a bicycle while pregnant as long as you feel comfortable and your doctor agrees.

However, bike riding while pregnant can be quite different from regular biking. 

If you plan to ride while pregnant, there are some safety precautions that you should be aware of. Remember to discuss with your doctor before you begin any exercise, especially if your pregnancy is high-risk.

Stationary Bikes

Keller states that stationary biking is an acceptable alternative for pregnant women. 

It’s also safer than cycling and offers the same cardiovascular benefits as cycling, but with virtually no chance of falling. Your environment and body change can increase your chance of losing while riding a mountain or road bike. But, a stationary bike makes these factors virtually non-existent. Stationary bike riding can be just like outdoor biking. 

It can stabilize blood sugar and improve circulation. It can also help you have the stamina for labor.

Additional Considerations

Although biking is an aerobic activity that requires little effort, it can be dangerous if you’re expecting. Keller advises that you keep your baby safe by being in control of your body and not pedaling too fast. 

Keller points out that ensuring your bike is fitted correctly and maintained can prevent injuries from falls. Safe bike riding involves warming up and cooling off and pacing yourself during the ride. These factors are crucial for pregnant women.

Keller suggests that a gentle ride should warm up stationary bikes to get started. Then, challenge yourself to do hard work in short bursts and have active recovery between them. You can cool off with a gentle stretch afterward to allow your heart rate and blood pressure to decrease slowly.


Is outdoor cycling safe during pregnancy?

Sometimes you can do it, but not all time. Pregnancy time, you need to care for your upcoming child. You can see the best suggestion near the doctor’s home.

Can you ride a bike while pregnant third trimester?

Yes, You can. But do it only for few times. Don’t all time.

Is it safe to travel on the bike during pregnancy?

Yes, safe. But do travel with more consciousness. 

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