Tarmac Bike vs Roubaix Bike – Which Is The Best Bike For You?

Have a good day. Take a little breath. I think you can’t find the best decision to buy a product between Tarmac bike vs. Roubaix bike. But now you don’t need to pressure to choose the right bike. This article has covered all in-depth information, technical term, pros, cons, specifications, which will give you one of the best solutions.

Tarmac Bike vs Roubaix Bike

Full Specification About Tarmac 

Specialized introduced the Tarmac model in 2020. The Tarmac is a race bike with no compromises that offers the best riding experience for cyclists. It combines aero properties with lightweight handling and sharp handling.

  • It is a bike that delivers instant power transfer and razor-sharp handling. You can be aggressive while still having quick handling. 
  • It is lightweight and capable of uphill performance while maintaining a high compliance level.

Tarmac has received a few updates and refinements to help it remain a race bike.

  • Performance
  • Frameset & cockpit
  • Components

#1 Performance

Specialized Tarmac bikes are power transfer bikes because of their construction. It would urge you to ride faster, no matter what terrain.
The combination of a supremely stiff frame and a set of aero road bikes wheels give you the impression of available speed. The powerful sic brakes that are at your disposal give it a remarkable level of poise. 
For complete pleasure, the entire rising experience combines precision with efficiency.

#2 Frameset and Cockpit

Tarmac is second-tier carbon with similar tube shapes to the predecessor. According to the brand, this feature makes the bike move at 50kph and 45 seconds faster over 40 km. The tube is shorter and less profound than other Specialized models, and the fork is slightly different.
The new frame is disc-only and has clean lines. The cable integration is identical to the S-Works model. The Di2 and hydraulic wires are hidden in the front of your head tube. The junction case is placed at the rear end of the seat post, where it can be seen while riding.

#3 Components

Tarmac’s stem and bar are made in-house. The branch is proprietary. It is, however, too short to fit on a 56-bike, as it measures 100mm in length. It would be preferable to swap it out for a more extended model. The Standard 42 cm aluminum compact bar has no internal cable routing.
Recent upgrades have made the bike more rigid at the rear. It still ticks with its lightweight frame, which features FACT12R carbon. 
It weighs in at a remarkable 6.7kg, making it lighter than other models in its range.

Tarmac Bike Vs. Roubaix Bike- Pros & Cons

4 reasons to buy3 reasons to buy
A light bikeFuture Shock reduces vibrations on rugged terrains
High ranking, no-compromise race bikeIt offers a perfect balance in ride performance
For better traction and performance, use wide clearance tiresThe frame quality is excellent
Stability is enhanced by the cockpit integration and the updated frame2 reasons not to buy
2 reasons not to buyThe weight of the wheels reduces the bike’s speed
ExpensiveThe bike’s specifications are somewhat limited in comparison to other bikes.
The price of the wheels is not worth it.

Who is Specialized Tarmac for?

Tarmac bikes are for riders who want to enjoy enjoyable riding experiences. You get value for your money with the aero gains that provide free speed.
This bike is an outstanding option for anyone who wants to have a good time riding it.

Last Thoughts About Tarmac

Tarmac’s latest version is all a rider could want. The frame is made of lower-grade carbon, which makes it lighter and improves its stability.
The budget wheels are not affordable, however. The Specialized Roubaix bike is better.

Full Specification About Roubaix

Roubaix is the fastest and most comfortable bike in the wide range of Specialized bikes. This bike has been designed to be faster on bumpier roads thanks to the brand’s motor “Smoother than Faster.”
Roubaix has aerodynamic tube profiles, including a seat post with an aero design and lowered stays.
It is more aerodynamic than its Tarmac counterpart, and it is now comparable with the Venge model. This new design responds directly to riders’ desire to reach speeds of 50kph.
Roubaix’s Future Shock 2.0 damping system makes it more comfortable. The 20mm of travel is provided by this system, while the vibrations are reduced by the seat post for improved pedaling efficiency on uneven terrains.
This bike is capable of carrying 33mm tires and ranks high among the best road bikes.


  • Roubaix offers a reliable Ultegra R8000 mechanical shift and brake groupset. The groupset is highly automated and noisy. 
  • The DT Swiss R470 Disc wheelset enhances performance and is a reliable workhorse.

Turbo Pro tires offer an excellent grip. Although they are technically fast, the Turbo Pro tires lack the softness of more expensive tires. They are a bit stiff and can deflect easily. These tires are not compatible with tubeless, but this bike could still use the tubeless version.
Roubaix also has all other components in-house. The Hover bar is worth noting. This bar is helpful for riders who want to be taller without using a lot of spacer stacks.
The carbon-pave post and seat clamp are excellent at dissipating road noise and easing adjustability. A power saddle, which cushions and supports you, is another plus.


Roubaix’s frame is very similar to other models in the range. 

  • The main difference is the carbon fiber grade used in its construction. FACT 10R carbon was used in the model. 
  • It also has a different suspension system.

Specialized calls the overall design “Rider-First Engineering.” It includes tubing profiles, lengths, and compliance characteristics.
Aerodynamic improvements are also included in the bike, significantly benefiting any rider looking for a faster bike. For increased stability, the frame features longer chainstays.

Who is Specialized Roubaix for?

Roubaix is designed for speed-oriented users. Roubaix isn’t a bike that will captivate you with its speed, but it can.
It performs more like a Lamborghini than a Rolls-Royce with a few modifications to the components. It is all about getting you to where you need to go and leaving you in good shape to walk afterward.

Roubaix: Final Thoughts

Roubaix is a racebike that can cover many hundred miles without any compromises. You will enjoy reliable performance due to the sharp handling and good power transfer.
The bike is also capable of absorbing road shocks, making it a reliable bike. The bike is not fast or capable of handling high levels of anti-gravity.

Tarmac vs. Roubaix, Which’s Bike Best for You?

Specialized race bikes have a lot of things to offer. The Specialized range of race bikes caters to a wide range of cycling enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners alike. It can be challenging to choose between Tarmac or Roubaix models.
Tarmac, a lightweight bicycle that is approved in every aspect of cycling, has been praised. Tarmac is loved by all types of cyclists, including cafe-goers and criterion racers.
Roubaix is an endurance bicycle that can handle tough stuff. Roubaix’s geometry is slightly more relaxed and has a broader tire clearance.
The shock-absorbing technology ensures a smooth ride. Roubaix is less expensive than Tarmac if the price is a factor.

Final Verdict

Oh, I think you are all finished your way. Now, time to buy a bike between Tarmac vs. Roubaix & make your health energy with growths.
It’s my pleasure to give you all the best information about that bike.
Thank you for reading.
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