Best BMX Bikes For Beginners – Complete Buying Guide For You

best bmx bikes for beginnersIn the world of BMX riding, there are two main disciplines: street and trick. Street ‘Begin Road Bikes’ is the more common form of this sport, with riders riding on streets or skate parks. We researched ’12 hours’ on this product & find the best BMX bikes for beginners with the ten options to consider by analysis.

Trick BMX is for those who want to perform tricks such as tailwhips and 360s in a controlled environment. I have never ride a bike before but still want to try out BMX riding, then it can be tricky figuring out which bikes best suit your needs. 

This post will take a look at ten options that are good for beginners:

The Best BMX Bikes : There are so many options to choose from when buying a new bicycle that it can be hard to know which one is right for you. 

Helping make your decision easier, we’ve researched some top-rated models on this market today – including our favorite in each category. 

Best BMX Bikes For Beginners – You Can Pick One

The Legion L100 is a pro-grade BMX bike with an aluminum frame. The motorcycle features professional 4130 Chromoly tubing and tapered head tube for stiffness, mid-bottom bracket shell for stability, and easy serviceability. 

The 8.75″ rise handlebars are designed, so you can ride tight technical turns quickly and precisely, while the high-rise aluminum bars with a 50 mm stem give you excellent control of your bicycle during trick maneuvers. 

With the 2.4″ tires, this bike will stick to obstacles like the tread on running shoe grips dirt trails, or public park asphalt without skidding quickly in all but the worst weather conditions for maximum riding fun!

Features & Keys:

  • BODY MATERIALS – The Mongoose Legion 20 is an entire park, street, or dirt-worthy freestyle that offers everything a driver could need from Beginner level edge jumps up To first Aerial hands on a quarter pipe. Suggested rider height is 5’8″ And up.
  • DRIVE TRAIN – The L100’s drivetrain features 175 mm two-piece tubular chromo hollow spindle cranks with a 25T aluminum chainring and mid-sealed bearing bottom bracket.
  • WHEELSET – The wheelset features 20″ x 2. 4″ tires mounted on wide aluminum rims with steel hubs and sealed bearings for easy maintenance and durability.

Why is it better?

  • All kinds of stunts can handle
  • Mostly fun and lightweight
  • Most suitable for beginner



Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX BikeFeatures & Keys:

  • The Legion L16 is a great first BMX bike that features the geometry and feels preferred by today’s riders; Suggested rider height is 3’6″ and smaller.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike Features: 

  • Frame: Hi-Ten steel, 
  • Fork: Hi-Ten steel, 
  • Handlebar: Hi-Ten steel, 
  • Stem: 40 mm, 
  • Headset: Standard 1 1/8″, 
  • Crankarms: 130 mm one-piece crank with 25T alloy chainring, 
  • Bottom Bracket: American loose ball bearing bottom bracket, Pedals included No, Front Hub 3/8″ in axle front hub with 9T cog ball bearing rear cassette hub. 
  • Rims Single wall 28H rims with 16″ x 2.3″ tires. Spokes 14G stainless spokes with w/brass nipples. Rear Cog 9T cog ball bearing rear cassette hub. 
  • Chain KMC Z410 Super Narrow chain. Chainguard Yes – Steel chainguard protects pants from a chain.

Product Description:

This entire park, street, or dirt-worthy freestyle BMX bike offers beginner-level curb jumps up on a quarter pipe. The L100 features a Mongoose whole 4130 chromo frame, removable brake mounts, and a mid-BB shell. 

21″ top tube length. 

The L100’s drivetrain features: 

  • 175 mm two-piece tubular spindle cranks 
  • 25T aluminum chainring and mid-sealed bearing bottom bracket. 

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Why is it better?

  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable landings & better comfort
  • Colour combination can get anyone attention
  • Simple design




The MAFIABIKES BMX BIKE: BEST LIGHTWEIGHT is an excellent choice for beginners. The bike features an alloy frame that makes it lightweight and sturdy. 

It has a 20-inch wheel that can easily handle jumps without compromising the rim construction. The single-wall front rim and double-walled alloy rear rim are deep enough to control more severe jumps while remaining lightweight. 

It’s sure of your safety even on the most challenging terrains as it comes with a soft clear anti-scuff & U brake system.

Features & Keys:

  • BMX with a very high specification & Lightweight
  • Big 29″ Bars with an 8.5″ rise. Alloy single wall front rim and double-wall rear rim
  • 2.4″ Fat Crawler Street Tyres, U-Brake
  • 25/9 Gearing. Fitted with aftermarket Lucky 6 grips
  • Body Materials: High Tensile Steel Frame, Alloy rims and Forks, Steel Spokes and Pegs – Weight: 23kg (52lbs) – Max Rider Weight: 100kg (220lbs) – Colour Options: Black or White

Why is it better?

  • Very high specification
  • Gearing: 25/9
  • Fork legs & fat street tires



Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX StreetProduct Description:

The Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street Bike is sure to be a hit with any young boy who loves everything related to the famous Hot Wheels brand. 

The bike has an 18-inch steel frame and features a padded seat and front and rear caliper brakes for added safety. 

Your child can learn how to ride safely before taking off without them & also comes with training wheels. Choose between blue or pink color options for this stylish bike that’s perfect for kids aged six years old and up.

The Best BMX Bikes for Beginners:

Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street Bike is ideal for those wanting a toy to learn how to ride on. The padded seat and training wheels help add comfort and safety while learning to balance.

Features & Keys:


  • The Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street Bike is made with high-quality steel, durable material for the test of time.


  • This bike training wheel is to help your child learn how to ride safely and efficiently. You can remove them for an older look when they have understood the class.


  • Your little one will love these cool two-tone black and orange tires with red rims design! It’s sure to be his favorite!



Royal Baby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BicycleFeatures & Keys:


  • Your kids will enjoy a smoother ride with Royalbaby sealed bearing since 2019; Royalbaby exclusive brake lever allows little riders to brake efficiently.


  • A smoother ride with Royalbaby sealed bearing since 2019; Royalbaby exclusive brake lever allows little riders to brake efficiently.

1) Body Materials: High-quality steel frame and fork for strength and durability. The bike is made of high-quality steel material to ensure your safety when riding it.

2) Wide 2.4″ pneumatic tires add more stability: The expansive 2.4″ pneumatic tires can help you save the effort to go up or downhill as well as provide a comfortable riding experience for your kids!

3) Sturdy steel frame: The sturdy steel frame ensures the stability of the bicycle, which makes it safer for children to ride on it!

4) Easier to assemble: 95% of the bike is made, only need install front wheel and brakes, compared with 85% bikes which need complete assembly by yourself! 

Product Description:

RoyalBaby Freestyle Bike is an excellent choice for kids’ first bike. It’s easy to ride, comfortable, safe, and fun! The bike has a lightweight design that is easy for children to handle and maintain control while riding. 

The steel frame is sturdy yet lightweight, which provides maximum stability when children are pedaling or balancing on the bike with training wheels attached. This kids ‘ bike also has an excellent design when it comes to safety. 

The frame is child-sized, with a safe and comfortable seat that will not pinch or rub children’s legs, as well as quality training wheels for stability at slow speeds. If you’re looking for the best BMX bikes for adults right now in 2021, then you might want to understand a few different options before deciding on your purchase. One of these would be the SEBA Bikes. 

This brand offers high-end performance without compromising style – which means they are perfect beginners’ BMXs but will last just as long if someone wants to use them competitively too!

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Bike mentioned above is considered one of the best entry-level BMX s for kids. 

It is a pricey side but does offer some great features that will make it worth every penny if you can afford to purchase one! The best BMX bikes are often considered accessible and within reach of new riders – so they’re able to have fun while learning at their time.



Frequently Asked Questions ( People also ask ):

Why Should You Choose Your BMX Bike Carefully?

BMX bikes are a popular choice for kids, but they can also be an excellent exercise for adults. 

They have become more versatile and capable over the years, with today’s BMX bike models including flatland tricks and stunt riding and other extreme sports like mountain biking or dirt jumping.

The type of BMX bike you choose will depend on your skill level and what kind of riding you want to do. If you’re beginning out, it may be best to go with a lighter entry-level model so that you don’t risk injury when learning new skills. 

There are heavy-duty models with high-performance parts available for those who plan on doing some stunts or racing BMX competitions.

What Are Your Riding Intentions?

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